A Family Tradition

Nestled in the rolling hills at the head of the Chesapeake Bay, Pine Valley Christmas Trees has been selling quality Christmas trees for over 50 years.

Our story began in the 1840’s when the farm was purchased by our ancestors, the Griffiths. Five generations of Underwoods have lived on this farm.

Originally a dairy farm, the first Christmas trees were planted in the late 1950’s by Bill and Sylvia Underwood. They planted Scotch pine, White pine, Blue spruce, and Norway spruce – about 500 trees in all.

In 1963 Bill sold his first Christmas tree to a neighbor.

Bill and Sylvia have been joined in the business by their daughter, Joncie, and their son, Mike. In addition, Joncie’s and Mike’s children actively participate in the operation.

Santa with Bill and Sylvia